Canada with the bluest sky #2

Now that our visit to Toronto, Canada is fading from my mind it is good to revisit the photos again and reinforce the memories. Casa Loma was also on our list of places to visit but since we were doing the walking tourist thing we went to Union Station to catch a bus, a train and a trolley. There was some renovation in Union Station which meant that for about ten minutes we had no idea where to go but Union Station itself is a historical masterpiece.  On our way to Union Station the Toronto Street Scenes are also fun to see. Everything is nice and clean. Pretty Morning Glory, Pansy, Petunias and many more flowers decorate the streets of Toronto

Casa Loma means “Hill House”. A very fitting name because Sir Henry Pellatt had it build on a hill that overlooked Toronto. One does need a whole day or more to enjoy each and every feature of this Gothic Revival Castle. I preferred Sir Pellatt’s room but oh what informal parties Lady Pellatt must have had in her suite. A jewel is the secret passage ways and secret staircases. To read more about the history of Casa Loma go to Wikipedia/casaloma or Casa Loma Website. One is surprised by the organ in the colossal great hall and it must be a treat to see and hear a concert on this Wurlitzer Organ.

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One loves Casa Loma not only for it’s architectural value but also for the real and imagined human drama and liaisons that might have played of in these rooms and Halls

Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed these memories and photos, please follow.


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