Canada with the bluest sky Post #1

Our family lives not far from Toronto on a plot between other smallholdings. What a joy to visit and live there. In the embrace of trees with the bluest sky I have ever seen. In the company of loving, caring, and creative people. What a privilege to be able to do yoga next to this pool within a horseshoe of trees looking at those clouds. I started a good habit and are continuing it my my small condo garden at home. And having a couple of drinks while cooling off after a day of touristing through Toronto and other sites and sounds.

Visiting the CN Tower, walking through the city of Toronto. Toronto that brings up dreams of movies and stars. A perfect Blue sky welcomes us to Canada and entice us to stay. If it wasn’t for Toronto’s public transportation system and their confusing use of signs or lack of signs we might have stayed. The CN Tower makes beautiful reflections on the glass buildings.




Ontario Lake as big as the ocean. My 10 year old asked me if that was Lake Ontario and I answered that it is as big as the ocean so it must be the ocean but it was in fact Lake Ontario. Apparently one can find more or less 20% of the world’s fresh water here in the lakes. Another fact I learned from my Uncle is that there is plus minus 100 000 bodies of fresh water in Canada. Lakes, ponds and so on.

What can one say about Niagara Falls?

Breathtaking, awe inspiring,


One can visit Niagara falls every day and one will never get tired of it. The roaring sound of masses of water falling, the aqua marine color of the water, the white cloud of condensation will always seduce and entice. Niagara Falls will always leave me speechless and humble.

In my next post I will post photos of the Casa Loma, Niagara Gorge, and the Royal Ontario Museum.

Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed these memories and photos, please follow.


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