Sunday Mornings on the River

One of the wonderful things about living in the Atlanta Metro area is the Chattahoochee River that snakes through the city and neighboring counties. I was looking for a nice image to show where the Chattahoochee river runs from the Appalachian Mountains down where it merge with Flint and then becomes the Apalachicola River. So I found the image below where you can see it also forms a natural border between Georgia and Alabama. I found this image on

Brevard-Fault-IllustrationWe walked on the Roswell River Walk and it was alive with church groups singing and people getting ready for picnics and barbecues. We have been doing the Roswell river walk for the last couple of months and now that it is summer and the summer holiday started everybody flocks to the river. The fact that it is Memorial Weekend also adds to the activity today.

The wildlife is also crawling and swimming and quaking and flapping. Below is a group of geese that  we see every time we go there. I managed to get some nice pics of them. Of course they are twice or thrice as big as our Chihuahua.


There was also fish hanging over indents in the shallow water. Today the water was perfectly clear and still to see them. Below is a picture my husband took. One can almost imagine these indents as nests. One can see the fish middle top and at the middle bottom. The top middle fish was chasing all other fish away every time any came close. I assume that eggs were involved.


Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed these memories and photos, please follow.


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